Meet The Team

It’s always nice to know who you’re talking to. They’re a friendly bunch and brilliant at sorting stuff out quickly and efficiently.
Steve Winn

Steve Winn (Managing Director)

Steve's journey in the wonderful world of print began aged 16. Completing a four year apprenticeship he has worked with some amazing people over the years. Watching and learning from some of the best Steve is now two years into running his own business. Giving creative people a creative print solution is a key factor is Steve's vision. Utilising his vast experience, Blackdog is quickly becoming a major player in the digital market place. Offering a fresh and enjoyable experience to clients is key to growing fantastic relationships. There is never a bad time to call Steve and he will never let you down.
Martin Morgan

Martin Morgan (Production Manager)

Martin brings a wealth of experience in large format digital sales and production. Martin joined Steve on day one making an immediate impact. He personally implemented a green solution to production that pleasantly surprises every client, every time! Martin's hands-on approach assures clients are in the loop throughout the production process.
George Hutchins

George Hutchins (Digital Print Operations)

George is the newest member of the Blackdog team. George's ' can-do approach' to every aspect of the business regularly impressing clients time after time ! A real joy to have around, he is predicted to go far in the Blackdog universe!
Steve Cox

Steve Cox (Design Liaison)

Steve Cox has been one of the big game changers in recent years. He has a wealth of expertise in Design and packaging but also brings a new dynamic to the table. Steve has a team of amazing designers to support him with projects big and small. Steve's attention to detail and 100 % focus assures clients they are in safe hands every time.
Kevin Badham

Kevin Badham (Production Liaison)

Kevin has over 40 years experience in the design and print trade and worked at Blackdog Creative since the company was formed as production director. Kevin also has a wealth of previous experience including production management of design and art studios. The working relationship he has with Steve means projects big or small, are always produced to the highest quality in record time. Kevin works as production liaison between both Blackdog companies.
Jayne Randal

Jayne Randal (Finance Manager)

Jane is another new member of the team. Her friendly approach to dealing with clients always assures they are dealt with in a prompt and professional manner. Having great people working for you is always essential. Jane is one of the very best!