Our Green Policy

At Blackdog Digital, we are very conscious of the environment and do all we can to protect it. Fortunately there are many advantages of digital printing and our Xeikon presses are particularly environmentally friendly:

  • They produce no hazardous emissions of VOCs
  • As they don’t use any process water, they don’t cause any water pollution
  • All our CMYK inks are held on press till they are used thus there is no ink wastage
  • Materials printed on Xeikon presses are also environmentally friendly
  • All Xeikon printed matter is recyclable as the toner is easily removed and contains no harmful chemicals
  • Clients can order the exact quantity of print required rather than over-ordering large litho runs which is often thrown away.
  • The set-up on a Digital Print run is usually less than 6 sheets compared to Litho which can run into 100′s before ink consistency and registration is perfect.

We use Premier Papers FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) papers on our Xeikon. Additional recycled materials are also available upon request. Whilst far less than Litho Printing, there is still an amount of natural wastage (averaging 3 pages per run) which is recycled.