Variable Data Print (VDP)

Imagine this.... A potential customer gathers their mail and returns to their kitchen – and quickly sorts it over the bin. This is the critical moment. Most direct mail pieces won’t survive…will yours ?

After instantly tossing a dozen mailers, she holds your piece in her hands –ready to send it sailing into the bin. Then, something happens. She leans in to get a closer look. The piece is graphically engaging, it shows her name embedded within their opening image catching her eye. It lists items specifically within her areas of interest and reads like the company are talking directly to her. Now, normally, she would bin it along with the rest, but this has sparked a glimmer of interest. Just like that, the mail piece moves out of the “danger zone” and into the “investigate / action” pile. Mission accomplished.

Coincidence? Hardly. It’s the power of creative design, high levels of personalisation, and variable data printing (VDP).

Increase your Response Rates Significantly with Variable Data Printing (VDP)

At Blackdog Digital we have an established track record in working with customers to increase their response rates and secure an impressive ROI by leveraging the revolutionary technology we can offer. We select the right data elements for the specific project. Creating unique offers, for each individual customer. Maximising the ROI by matching the right offer, to the right customer. Customising graphics for each customer as the same image won’t appeal to everyone. We will help select the most effective placement of those graphics. Our sophisticated programming rules put a stop to mistakes, like grammar issues and awkward address breaks. The end product looks professional…every time.

* VDP delivered a 36% increase on average in response rates over conventional direct mail according to a study conducted by CAP Ventures – a leading industry trade source.