Xeikon Wallpaper
Blackdog Digital is the only company in the UK to use its unique Xeikon presses to print to wallpaper. This allows us to produce solutions for a range of customers including the BBC for its Doctor Who brand, leading designers like Tracy Kendall, commercial office and store fit-outs for leading high street retailers, as well as unique commissioned designs for individuals. Our wallpaper is actually high grade quality wallpaper that we digitally print directly onto using environmentally friendly inks. The wallpaper is Class 0 and Class 1 fire retardant tested.
Blackdog Digital has succeeded where many others have failed. Working closely with the UK leader in bespoke wallpaper Blackdog Digital have developed their own wallpaper substrate. Utilising state of the art technology and conventional wallpaper Blackdog have perfected short run bespoke wallpaper production. Digital printer Award winners in 2010 and nominees in 2012 Blackdog also grabbed the attention of the BBC and are presently the only company in the world producing Doctor Who wallpaper. 'It truly is a magical piece of print ' says Steve. Its very easy to forget the power of print and how happy it can still make people feel. Working with the BBC is a huge privilege and our new range of BBC Doctor Who 50th anniversary images are out of this world.